Mews Graduate Program

Prague, Czechia · Operations


Our mission is to enable great service. We achieve this through our innovative software, which allows hotels to remove administrative burdens and focus on creating amazing guest experiences.

Traditional graduate programs suck. You are often confined to basic tasks and rarely get to work on cool projects with the rest of the teams. We’re on a mission to shake things up at Mews and give our graduates a real experience, empowering them to soar within the company.

During our 12-month Mews Graduate Program in Prague, you will get real customer-facing experience while also learning our revolutionary software inside and out. As part of our Mews Graduate Program, we’re seeking ambitious students and graduates to join our growing Customer Care team in Prague. Whether a seasoned hotel veteran or fresh out of school, you’ll be entered into our Mews Graduate Program.

Once you graduate, you will have several career path possibilities. Top performers, Mews Rockstars, as we’ll call them, may be fast-tracked into management positions. To be clear, our graduate program at Mews is a full-time position with a salary and employment contract!

Our ideal candidate is passionate about delivering great service, is naturally curious and a tenacious problem solver. If this sounds like you, we should talk!

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